Is Darkseid Taking A Page Out Of Zod’s Book And Terraforming Earth, But With A More Sinister Twist?


Whoa! That new Justice League trailer is pretty cool. There are a lot of fun easter eggs hidden throughout the trailer, but one thing sticks out. During the battle in the beginning of the trailer we see Steppenwolf attack some soldiers with his axe and as the camera pans out the land begins to transform into a dark volcanic state. It looks as if he has begun to terraform the planet to become more like Apokolips which is very charred and volcanic in the comics. Terraforming is not an uncommon practice in the DCEU. In Man of Steel, General Zod began to terraform Earth into a new Krypton. So, did Darkseid send Steppenwolf to Earth to terraform it to become an Apokolips outpost? All signs are currently pointing to yes – with a more sinister twist!

In Man of Steel, the Kryptonians required the use of a ‘world engine’ to terraform Earth. It would make sense that this technology was not indigenous to Krypton. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Lex Luthor was told by the Kryptonian scout ship’s A.I. that “the Kryptonian archive contains knowledge from 100,000 different worlds.” Therefore, Apokolips could definitely have been one of those 100,000 different worlds and the New Gods would have access to the ‘world engine’ technology.


In the Justice League trailer, we hear Batman say “I had a dream, it was the end of the world.” This dream is most likely a reference to the ‘Knightmare Sequence’ in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the dream sequence, the Earth is a vast apocalyptic landscape – pun definitely intended! There are many ‘world engine’ like machines hovering above and fire shooting out of the Earth. On the ground in front of Batman, there is a giant omega symbol. Fans of the DC comics know that this symbol is analogous with Darkseid. The ‘Knightmare Sequence’ is very close to what we see happening in the new trailer. In which we see the land becoming charred and fire spouting into the sky.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.12.26 AM

Batman is also heard saying something else in the trailer. After Wonder Woman dramatically states “invasion” he says “I think it’s something more, something darker.” What could be darker than an invasion? Well, in an invasion the current inhabitants of the planet would be wiped out. General Zod showed Superman in Man of Steel that the humans would not survive the terraforming of Earth into a new Krypton. Darkseid may have Steppenwolf terraform Earth in a different way inJustice League.


From the footage we saw in the trailer there is a human warrior that is transforming on the battlefield. His skin is becoming dark and cracked and his teeth are becoming sharper. It is highly likely that he is being turned into a Parademon by the terraforming process. His new fangs and skin are very similar to those of the Parademons we saw in the ‘Knightmare Sequence’ in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. If Steppenwolf succeeds in Terraforming Earth for Darkseid it would give Apokolips around 7.6 billion new slave soldiers to use in other invasions. Also, it would easily allow him to take on the 7202 members of the Green Lantern Corps.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.10.52 AM

In the comics, Parademons serve as the loyal army of Darkseid. They are genetically created on Apokolips in laboratories and operate as soldiers and slaves. When Apokolips decides to mount an interplanetary invasion, Darkseid sends in waves of his Parademons as the advanced infantry. Though most Parademons are created in a lab there are some Parademons are bred from human stock, selected from the lowly populous that reside in the poorest districts of Apokolips. In the New 52 comics, more specifically Earth 2: World’s End, Parademons are created from reformatted genetic material gleaned either from the living or dead remains of a native species during an interplanetary invasion. Considering that Geoff Johns is now a co-runner of the DC Extended Universe, and co-chairman of DC Films it would make sense that they begin using more material from the New 52 comics.

Justice League is due to hit theaters on November 17, 2017.

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Netflix Orders New Superhero Family Drama ‘Raising Dion’ To Be Executive Produced By Michael B. Jordan


We live in the age of superheroes! Netflix has been killing it with their Netflix Original Marvel superhero shows so why not add more? Netflix has announced that they have ordered 10 episodes of Raising Dion. The superhero family drama will be based on the independent comic book series of the same name by writer-director Dennis Liu and will be executive produced by Michael B. Jordan.

Mike B J

This show will be very different than other superhero-based shows as it involves a single mom, Nicole, as she attempts to raise her son, Dion, as he develops numerous powers and abilities. Nicole has to teach Dion’s how to use his powers safely all while keeping said powers hidden from the public. She enlists her late husband’s best friend, Pat, to help document his increasing powers and watch after Dion.

Cindy Holland, Netflix’s VP of original content, had the following to say about the new series.

“We haven’t seen this type of superhero story before — an origin myth full of imagination, wonder and adventure, all grounded in the experiences of a modern single mother. Michael B. Jordan is an exciting and dynamic talent, and I’m excited to see him, Macro, Carol and the team translate Dennis’ unique vision to television.”

Michael B. Jordan will not only be the executive producer of Raising Dion, but the actor will also play Nicole’s late husband Mark. Jordan is no stranger to superhero films as he portrayed Johnny Storm in the 2015 reboot of Fantastic Four and will portray Erik Killmonger in the upcoming Marvel/Disney film Black Panther. Carol Barbee has joined the series as showrunner and executive producer. She will also be penning the first episode of the show, which is set to be directed by Liu himself.


Regarding the Netflix deal, Liu stated:

“I started this project many years ago because I wanted to see more diverse representation on film and television and I’m excited to partner with Netflix, who I know shares that commitment. More than ever, we need more stories told from different points of view and my hope with Raising Dion is to create a cinematic experience for all families that will lift your spirits and make you laugh and cry.”

Lui also wrote and directed a short film based on Raising Dion back in 2015. It’ll be exciting to see how he handles the series now that he will be working with a bigger budget. It is currently unknown if any of the same actors who took part in the short film will return for the Netflix series.

Even though Netflix has ordered a 10-episode first season of Raising Dion, no release date has been announced.

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What Frank Castle’s Military Past Could Mean For Phase Two Of The Marvel Netflix Universe

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While fans do not know the exact date Marvel’s The Punisher will air on Netflix — my guess is October 13, 2017 — all are excited to watch Jon Bernthal return as the title character. The show will officially kick off ‘Phase Two’ of the Marvel Netflix Universe. We know the show will follow Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher as he exacts revenge — punishment— on those responsible for the death of his wife and children. We also know that the show will delve into Frank Castle’s past, him enlisting in the United States Marine Corps, his military service in the Middle East, and his time with the elite Marine Corps Force Recon unit under the command of Colonel Ray Schoonover. The flashbacks to Frank’s past may help launch the Netflix shows into the greater MCU and provide a more cohesive thread between the Netflix shows and the theatrical films.

If you have not watched Season 2 of Daredevil or The Defenders on Netflix then stop here: there will be some SPOILERS ahead for things that happened during those series.


Now for those who have watched Daredevil and The Defenders, you know that Frank Castle was released by Wilson Fisk from prison to massacre all the other criminal empires in New York City. Fisk did this so that when he is eventually released, he will become the new ‘Kingpin of Crime’. Frank did not make any appearances in The Defenders and was last seen at the end of Season 2, Episode 12 of Daredevil in search of a mysterious ally from Frank’s past called “Micro” after retrieving a CD with his name on it.

David Lieberman a.k.a. Micro is the first link to the greater MCU. Aside from being mentioned in Daredevil, the character is also mentioned in Season 2, Episode 7 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Maybe members of S.H.I.E.L.D./HYDRA took part in framing Castle along with the CIA, FBI, and DHS. Hopefully, we get a couple mentions of Sharon Carter and Everett K. Ross – as they are both CIA operatives.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 6.58.54 PM

Shifting back to Frank Castle’s past, we know that he took part in many combat operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Another major player in the MCU was present for a time during War in Afghanistan. By now we all know how Tony Stark escaped his captivity with the Ten Rings and was found by a search and rescue unit led by Colonel James Rhodes. There’s a good chance that Frank Castle’s unit was there for the Jericho missile presentation or a part of the search and rescue mission. With his military background, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Frank Castle

We still do not know if The Punisher is set before, after, or during the events of The Defenders. Frank’s absence during The Defenders allows for all settings to be possible. We do know that the show will include returning characters Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll), Turk Barrett (Rob Morgan), and Detective Brett Mahoney (Royce Johnson). Hopefully, they all make it out of this first season alive as it would be a shame to lose them as soon as ‘Phase Two’ starts. Lastly, it would be nice if there is mention of the other Netflix heroes or some new ones we have yet to see. Other Marvel shows taking place in ‘Phase Two’ include Daredevil Season 3, Jessica Jones Season 2, Luke Cage Season 2 and Iron Fist Season 2.

The Punisher premieres globally █████ 2017, only on Netflix.

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Devil Fruit Encyclopedia: What Is A “Special Paramecia”?


For all those who read One Piece, you know that Eiichiro Oda presented three distinct types of Devil Fruits that grant specific powers to their users. The Paramecia fruits are the most common and give their users superhuman abilities or traits such as generating endless amounts of wax or a rubber physique. The Zoan fruits grant the user the ability to change into an animal or animal-hybrid form. This fruit also includes the subcategories of “Ancient Zoan” and “Mythological Zoan”. The Logia fruits are considered the rarest (aside from “Mythological Zoan”) as they allow the user to transform into an element or force of nature such as light, fire, or ice. While the three fruit categories have been distinct in the past, lately they have been starting to blend. This started with the “Mythological Zoan” fruits and now continues with “Special Paramecia”.

“Mythological Zoan”


“Mythological Zoan” fruits allow the users to turn into mythological creatures. This gives them an animal transformation as well as qualities that resemble Logia and Paramecia fruit users. There are only two canon “Mythological Zoan” fruits to date, the Human-Human Fruit: Model Great Buddha which was eaten by Inspector General Sengoku and an unnamed fruit eaten by 1st Division Commander, Marco, of the Whitebeard Pirates. This gives Sengoku and Marco the ability to transform into a Buddha and a phoenix respectively. In addition to turning into animals — a human and a phoenix — they gain additional super-powers not present in normal humans and birds. Sengoku gains a solid gold body and can summon shockwaves from his palms while in Buddha form. Marco gains the ability to heal and summon blue flames while in phoenix form.


“Special Paramecia”

Mochi-Mochi Fruit

“Special Paramecia” is a new subcategory of Devil Fruit introduced in chapter 863. Originally introduced as a Logia type, the Mochi-Mochi Fruit was retconned to be “Special Paramecia” by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece: Volume 86, which covers chapters 859 – 869. The Mochi-Mochi Fruit was eaten by Charlotte Katakuri and allows him to create, control, and transform into mochi. Normal Paramecia fruit users cannot transform into or reform from the element they control. However, this is normal for a Logia types. Although the details have not been explored, it is possible that Katakuri is considered a “Special Paramecia” because mochi is not an element or force of nature, but a man-made product. Therefore, technically the fruit does not fit into the Logia category.

Other Possible “Special Paramecia” Fruits

Baby 5

So far in the series, two other devil fruits have shown the possibility to be “Special Paramecia”. These are the Egg-Egg Fruit and the Arms-Arms Fruit. The Egg-Egg Fruit was eaten by Baron Tamago and allows the user’s body composition to change into that of an egg, which if cracked open will cause the user to regenerate into a stronger body that gains additional chicken-like features each time. This gives the fruit features of a Paramecia — as the user can regenerate and evolve as well as Zoan as the user gains a chicken-like form. The Arms-Arms Fruit was eaten by Baby 5 and allows the user the ability to change their body parts or full body into weapons. This fruit has features of a Paramecia — as the user can create any type of weapon from her body and Logia as the user can reform after being totally destroyed when transformed into a missile.

Egg-Egg Fruit

Using the information presented in the manga we can conclude that there are at least two types of “Special Paramecia” fruits. The “Para-Logia” resemble Logia fruits in that they allow the user to create, control, and transform into a substance, but said substance is man-made and not an element or force of nature. The “Para-Zoan” resemble Zoan fruits in that they allow the user to gain an animal-hybrid form at will, but not a full animal form. Interestingly enough, the parazoa are a sister subkingdom of animals, literally translated as “beside the animals” and paralogia is defined as “involving self-deception”. Considering that the Egg-Egg Fruit allows the user to resemble an animal and the Mochi-Mochi Fruit deceives others into thinking the user has a Logia ability, I think the aforementioned names fit.

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Stone By Day, Warriors By Night: Why Gargoyles Needs A Live Action Reboot

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“1000 years ago, superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of gargoyles. Stone by day, warriors by night. We were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect, frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years. Now, here in Manhattan… the spell is broken! And we live again! We are defenders of the night. We are GARGOYLES!”

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