What Misty Knight’s Bionic Arm Could Mean For Phase Two Of The Marvel Netflix Universe


If you have not watched The Defenders on Netflix then stop here! There will be SPOILERS ahead for specific things that happened during that series. Now for those who have watched you know that Misty Knight lost her arm to Bokuto’s sword during the season finale. I believe this incident will be the catalyst that will launch the Netflix series into the greater MCU. I will add up the facts of how this event can help bring a more cohesive thread between the Netflix shows and the films.


After losing her arm Misty ends up in a high-end hospital thanks to Danny Rand’s connections. She is not sure where her life will go from here, but she knows she did the right thing and blames no one else for the loss of her arm. Considering that we were told that she would be returning for season two of Luke Cage fans wondered how this would play out. Misty Knight lost her arm in the comics as well and received a vibranium replacement thanks to none other than Tony Stark. By now we should all know where vibranium comes from. We all hoped that this would be the case in the Netflix series as well. Well thanks to some recent photos released by Entertainment Weekly it looks like we have our answer.

MK Bionic Arm

Misty Knight can clearly be seen sporting a bionic arm next to Luke Cage. If they do indeed continue to follow the comics then we may be getting a mention of Tony Stark and Stark Enterprises subsidiary AccuTech. Last mentioned in promotional material for Iron Man 2, AccuTech was known for making breakthroughs in anthropo-robotics. Considering that Tony is a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and he has relocated to New York in recent years. It would make sense for him to be involved in helping a prominent NYPD Detective regain her right arm. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s had up close and personal experience with the Winter Soldier’s bionic limb in Captain America: Civil War.

What we do not know is if Misty is still a member of the NYPD after the events of The Defenders. Her boss threatened that she could possibly lose her job because the Defenders stole a ton of C4 and blew up a building on her watch. If she is now working outside the law, like Cage, then maybe we are seeing more clues about the beginnings of the Daughters of the Dragon. In the comics, Daughters of the Dragon is a private investigation agency that Misty starts with her close friend, Colleen Wing. At this point in the Netflix series, Misty has just met Colleen, but we see them share a tender moment in the hospital. If Netflix and Marvel does develop the Daughters of the Dragon from this, then they can easily add characters to the team. Élodie Yung’s Elektra Natchios and Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple are likely candidates.

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‘The Dark Tower’ Review


The_Dark_Tower_teaser_posterThe Dark Tower is a sci-fi western film based off of Stephen King’s eight-book series. The film actually serves as a sequel to the events of the seventh book The Dark Tower series. The story of the film is very straightforward. Basically what you see in the trailers is the plot of the film. The boy, Jake Chambers, has visions of the Man in Black and the Gunslinger. He finds a portal to Mid-World where he luckily runs into the Gunslinger and they team up to stop the Man in Black from destroying all worlds via destroying the Dark Tower. We are given a little exposition on what the purpose of the tower is in a scene that is reminiscent to Thor explaining the nine realms to Jane in the first Thor film. Going into this film I did not read any of the books as I expected that I would be brought up to speed on the details that happened within their pages. However, the film did not go into much detail on any of the characters, let alone provide any backstory for them. Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey are fantastic actors and they do their best with the roles of Roland Deschain, the Gunslinger, and Walter Padick, the Man in Black. Their characters have an interesting dynamic that would have played better if they had more screen time together. Newcomer, Tom Taylor, did a fine job as Jake Chambers. He had great chemistry with Idris Elba and most of the scenes they had together worked well. A few of the jokes the writers tried did not translate well on-screen, but that can happen in any film. The mythology that the film sets up is pretty great and they leave the ending open for more sequels. I did have a good time watching it, but I would not have minded if it were 30 minutes to an hour longer. A film of this nature should be longer, especially if they intend to use it to set up a franchise. I feel some of the issues with this film sit with the director. He is not as seasoned as some other filmmakers and probably was not ready for a film of this caliber. Originally, J. J. Abrams was attached to direct when the film was first being produced back in 2007, but ultimately those plans fell through. I could only imagine how great this film could have turned out in the hands of a director like Nolan or Abrams because they understand sci-fi so well. I give The Dark Tower a Normal 6.5/10. I’m interested in seeing more from this universe, so hopefully, it makes enough money to warrant a sequel, prequel, or even a Netflix continuation.

‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’ Review

Well, they say that the third time’s the charm and this movie proves that saying correct! Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is the best movie in the series. The film starts out with our gang still stuck in Africa after the events of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. The leader of the gang Alex, still portrayed by Ben Stiller is getting homesick and is ready to get back to New York. After hearing his pleas the gang sets about on adventure to get them back to the Big Apple. Their trip takes them through Europe where the meet up with the penguins and eventually have to go on the run while pretending to be circus animals. On their journey home, they are pursuing the very smart, very formidable, very clever,  Captain Chantel DuBois of the Monaco Animal Control. She stays on their tails throughout the entire movie (pun definitely intended) barely not catching them. Eventually, they get back to New York, yet find it different than they remembered. All around this movie was great. It was a fun family film that had many laughs to be enjoyed. The original cast still plays their roles very well, having not gotten stale over time. The new additions to the cast are also great. The circus animals provide a different aspect of how animals behave. Before we saw zoo animals, and then wild animals, but the circus animals are something different altogether. Surprisingly our group of protagonist seems to fit right in with them as if its where they belong. The breakout character of the movie is Captain Chantel Dubois, portrayed by Frances McDormand. Her character was a good amount of what made the movie worth watching. Just waiting to see what she would do next was exciting. Her chase scene at the beginning was one of the most stunning animated sequences I had ever seen. Now personally I have to say that I hate 3D movies with a passion. Wearing the glasses usually makes my eyes hurt and there’s very little 3D to be seen in most movies. Though after saying that I have to say I saw this movie in 3D, mainly because I had no other choice, and it was beautiful. I was surprised that my eyes were not hurting and the movie was filled with beautiful 3D scenes. If all 3D movies were like this I would go and see more of them. This movie was stunning and beautiful to watch. If they decide to make any more in the series hopefully they do not steer away too much from this one. I give Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted an Excellent 9/10.