Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub: Are We Getting A ‘Rick And Morty’ Christmas Special? — Fan Theory Says Yes!

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Season 3 of Rick and Morty finally came to an end last Sunday – or did it? A new fan theory suggests that “The Rickchurian Mortydate” will not be the final episode of Season 3. The theory suggests that a Christmas special airing sometime this winter will be the true finale to this season.

The theory stems from the stinger that played at the end of the finale where we see Mr. Poopybutthole with his new wife and son. He states that he may have a big white Santa Claus beard when Season 4 airs. This remark has fans thinking that Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon may be planning something special this holiday season. They have been known for sneaking many easter eggs into their Rick and Morty episodes.

There is some plausibility to this theory since the first episode of this season, “The Rickshank Rickdemption”, premiered on April 1, 2017, as an April Fools’ Day joke. The rest of the episodes did not begin airing until July 30, 2017. Clearly, Roiland and Harmon have no problem taking long breaks between episodes. Also, there is the fact that Christmas Eve is on a Sunday this year, which is the normal day that Rick and Morty airs on Adult Swim. The big question is: what would the plot of the Christmas episode be about? Well, there are a few obvious choices and some lesser known possibilities.

Morty burying Santa

There is the possibility that the new episode could explore why Rick and Morty were burying a Santa Claus during one of Morty’s removed memories in “Morty’s Mind Blowers”. Perhaps this was just another one of Rick’s Anatomy Parks gone wrong. (Those bureaucrats will never understand Pirates of the Pancreas) Maybe we will see Tammy and Phoenix Person get revenge for the Galactic Federation being destroyed. There is also the possibility that the episode will explore if the current Beth is truly a clone. Personally, I think she is and here is a great article that further backs up my beliefs.

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A final possibility is that we will get another chapter in the story of “Evil Morty”. This is what all the fans have been craving since “The Ricklantis Mixup” a.k.a. “Tales from the Citadel” aired earlier this season. When we last saw “Evil Morty” he had become President of the Citadel of Ricks and has started installing a new regime. This storyline continuing so soon may be a stretch because we typically get a new story with “Evil Morty” every other season, starting with “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind” in Season 1. The safe bet is that we will not see this storyline continue until Season 5. That being said, Rick and Morty is a freeform anthology and Roiland and Harmon do not adhere to normal animated sitcom formulas – except maybe the “rule of three”. So, who knows if we will even get an episode this winter… and if we do, will it be a true finale to Season 3 or an early start to Season 4?

Better keep your eyes glues to Adult Swim on Christmas Eve just in case!

What was your favorite episode of Rick and Morty this season? Do you think there will be a Christmas special? Leave your comments below!


Rick and Morty “The Rickchurian Mortydate” Review

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 9.09.11 AM

Sadly, we didn’t get a conclusion to the ‘Evil Morty’ storyline like we thought. We did, however, get an interesting ending to a Good third season. “The Rickchurian Mortydate” had Rick and Morty going toe to toe with the President of the United States of America of whatever dimension they are currently residing in. Once again we get to see exactly how deadly Rick’s intelligence can be. Through some unknown means, Rick actually killed a secret service agent just by having physical contact with him. We also got a nice call-back to “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender” with the Nano-fiber defense mesh that laces Rick’s epidermis. One of the best parts of the episode was Rick’s fight with the President at the end. We thought Rick had some nice toys, but the U.S. government has some interesting weapons as well. My favorites are the twin who turn into mindless killing machines after hearing a special whistle. There was also teleporting technology similar to a stargate from the film, Stargate, and cool references to Minecraft, South Park, and the current political state of the United States. Another great part of the episode was the side story involving Beth thinking she was a clone. Honestly, I thought they were going to leave that situation alone until next season, but it was fun seeing how it played out in the season finale. Everything culminated in Rick and Morty basically hitting the reset button. The family is back together and everyone seems happy. Well everyone except Rick, but he’ll deal with it in his usual way. Considering what we learned in “Morty’s Mind Blowers” nothing that happens really matters as the show is a freeform anthology and lots of events happen in between the episodes airing. By next season Rick and Morty can be in a whole new dimension with a whole new family and we wouldn’t know it. I give “The Rickchurian Mortydate” a Good 4.5/5. I’m pretty sure that Beth is a clone and the real Beth will make an appearance next season. She did break the fourth wall and Rick has been the only person to do that so far. Hopefully, Mr. Poopybutthole was just pulling out leg and Season 4 starts in less than a year!

Rick and Morty “Morty’s Mind Blowers” Review

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Well, it’s official. We no longer know which dimension, timeline, or reality our (anti)heroes reside in. “Morty’s Mind Blowers” comes fresh off the heels of last weeks “The Ricklantis Mixup” aka “Tales from the Citadel”, but unfortunately is nowhere near as good. For the past two seasons, there has been an “Interdimensional Cable” episode where viewers get to see what plays on television in every perceivable dimension and planet in Rick and Morty. In this episode, however, Rick decides to show Morty all of the memories that he begged Rick to erase from his mind. This gives viewers another chance to see all of the adventures that happen off-screen, just like with last weeks trip to Atlantis. During these adventures, we get to see exactly how horrible life can get for poor Morty. As I stated before, considering that we no longer know which dimension our main characters reside in, it’s hard to pinpoint when most of these adventures took place. During one of the forgotten adventures, we see that Morty used technology from Rick to hear animals speaking. He soon finds out that squirrels are a part of a shadow organization that can topple governments. After some squirrels become suspicious of Morty, Rick tells him to pack his bags as they have to switch dimensions again. During this exchange, Rick also alludes to them having done this more than a couple times. That being said we can most likely assume that they all take place after “Rick Potion #9” since Morty knows about this possibility. I got a few laughs out of the other memories and spotted some nice easter eggs, but they weren’t spectacular. Everything wrapped up pretty nicely in the end though, which I wasn’t expecting. Again we witness exactly how smart Rick is because he prepared for the many outcomes to him showing Morty his deleted memories. Leading viewers to believe that even this type of situation has happened before and Rick wiped Morty’s mind of it. I give “Morty’s Mind Blowers” an Average 3/5. Not the best this season has had to offer, but a nice filler episode to say the least. It is also interesting seeing that Rick has erased memories for Jerry as well. Possibly he has done this with his other relatives in this current dimension.

‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Images Reveal Looks Into The First Two Episodes

Black Mirror

Black Mirror has been a sleeper hit on Netflix since its arrival in 2016. The British sci-fi television anthology series typically centers around dark and satirical themes that are a social commentary of today’s society. More recently, episodes have ventured into the use and unanticipated consequences of futuristic technologies. Currently, none of the episodes connect, with each one taking place in its own universe. Usually, episodes are set in an alternative present timeline or the near dystopian future. We do not know when the next season of episodes will be released, but thankfully, Netflix released images from two of the upcoming episodes, “Arkangel” and “USS Callister”.


Arkangel 2

This episode stars Rosemarie Dewitt (La La Land) and is directed by Jodie Foster (The Silence of the Lambs). “Arkangel” looks to be sticking with Black Mirror’s use and unanticipated consequences of futuristic technologies. Rosemarie Dewitt looks to be playing a mom that is using technology to control her daughter. Why her daughter needs controlling has yet to be seen, but the episode looks very interesting to say the least. This is not Jodie Foster’s first time directing for Netflix or directing sci-fi. She has directed two episodes (“Lesbian Request Denied” and “Thirsty Bird”) of Orange Is the New Black as well as an episode (“Do Not Open This Box”) of Tales from the Darkside.

“USS Callister”

USS Callister

“USS Callister” looks to be Netflix’s chance to spoof the Star Trek universe. Never before has a Black Mirror episode ventured into outer space, so this should be something completely new for fans. The picture released gives us a great look at the diverse cast, including Jesse Plemmons (American Made), Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother), and Jimmi Simpson (Westworld). While we don’t know the characters names, it looks like Jesse Plemmons will play the ship’s captain. In the trailer, Cristin Milioti’s character looks to be turning into yellow energy. This is possibly a tease into the plot of the episode.

Black Mirror Season 4 is due to premier on Netflix later this year.

Which upcoming episode of Black Mirror looks the most interesting to you? Leave your thoughts below.

‘Rememory’ Review



Rememory is a sci-fi thriller set in a futuristic society. The plot centers around the mysterious death of scientific innovator, Gordon Dunn, who created technology that allows a person to extract their memories and watch them via an external device. Sam Bloom, portrayed by Peter Dinklage, sets out to try and solve Dunn’s murder by using this memory machine. As his investigation continues, a web of intrigue and deceit between Dunn, his family, and his patients are uncovered. The plot of the film is basic and reminiscent of the Black Mirror episode, “The Entire History of You,” and the 2004 science fiction thriller film, The Final Cut. Both also involved a machine that allowed people to view their memories and a story that ends with dire consequences. The best parts of the film were its use of futuristic technology and its color palate. When the characters view their respective memories, things seem a little brighter and more vivid, as if they are in a dream state. This shows a more intriguing use of editing as the characters return from viewing their memories and are seamlessly fused with reality. The technology is also more believable since it does not run perfectly and there are risks to using the technology because it is still in its beginning stages of development. The story is rather convoluted, droll, and slow, and it lost my attention at multiple points in the film. None of the characters are very likable, although I do not think that they were intended to be. I feel that Peter Dinklage’s portrayal of Sam’s angst and sorrow was on point, but his other aspects of the character were rarely explored. It was hard to believe that his character cared enough to solve the murder of Gordon Dunn, especially since it was not his initial priority when he retrieved the memory machine. It’s a shame that this film doesn’t show off Dinklage’s skill as an actor because I know how good he can act. The other actors in the film were about the same in that they were given minimal screen time and only served to further the plot. Most of what we saw was sadness. The subject matter tended to emote this way, but it was shown a little too much. The film lacked a good connective tissue to make us feel more for the characters. We would have cared more about the character’s sadness if we knew them better. In the end, a more polished script would have made this a good film. I give Rememory a Normal 5/10. It’s not the worst film I’ve seen, but it may be the most forgettable. That may be why it’s being offered for free via the Google Play Store. It’s a shame this may be the last film I see with Anton Yelchin in it, may he rest in peace.