Building A Franchise: Piecing Together ‘The Lego Movie’ Timelines

Lego Franchise

With The Lego Ninjago Movie hitting theaters this week. I think it’s a good time to go over The Lego Movie franchise timeline. After watching The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie, I was sure the timeline was cut and dry and the studio was releasing the films in chronological order. This all changed after I left my screening of The Lego Ninjago Movie. My mind was opened to a few possible timelines Warner Bros. could be presenting to the audience.

(Beware: there are minor spoilers for The Lego Movie franchise below!)

Lego Movie Franchise Timelines

As I said before, one would assume that the studio is releasing the films in chronological order. This would mean that the events in The Lego Movie take place first, followed by the events in The Lego Batman Movie, then the events of The Lego Ninjago Movie and The Lego Movie Sequel’s events would be the most recent in the timeline. However, there is no mention of “Master Builders” — people capable of building anything from their imagination without the need of instructions — in The Lego Ninjago Movie or any other Lego characters outside of the land of Ninjago. This would mean that the films are not being released chronologically. I propose that there are three possible timelines in The Lego Movie franchise. Let’s go over how I arrived at these possibilities.

Green Ninja in Lego Movie

In The Lego Ninjago Movie, Lloyd Garmadon had not mastered Spinjitzu or learned his elemental ability. However, he appears in all of his ninja glory in The Lego Movie as a “Master Builder” along with Batman and the others. This leads me into the first two possible timelines.

  • Timeline 1: The Lego Batman Movie ­– The Lego Ninjago Movie – The Lego Movie
  • Timeline 2: The Lego Ninjago Movie – The Lego Batman Movie ­– The Lego Movie

Since Lloyd Garmadon is not a “Master Builder” in The Lego Ninjago Movie, the film must take place before The Lego Movie. If that is the case, then it can also possibly take place before The Lego Batman Movie. The Lego Batman Movie, on the other hand, has the possibility of taking place before or after The Lego Movie. Considering that Batman was already a “Master Builder” during the events of The Lego Movie his film could indeed take place before it. However, there is a good chance that it takes place after, which leads me to the next timeline.

  • Timeline 3: The Lego Ninjago Movie – The Lego Movie – The Lego Batman Movie ­

Many of the DC superheroes that appear in The Lego Movie as “Master Builders” also appear in The Lego Batman Movie. They do not play a major role in that film, but it does provide continuity. Batman does continue to use his master building ability in The Lego Batman Movie, adding to this continuity. Also, Robin does not appear in The Lego Movie with Batman. This could either mean that Batman chose not to bring Robin on his adventure with the other “Master Builders” or that he had no Robin at the time. If we believe in the latter situation, then The Lego Batman Movie would take place after The Lego Movie. This situation also leads me to my final timeline.

Batman and Robin

  • No Timeline: The Lego Movie – The Lego Batman Movie – The Lego Ninjago Movie

The fact that The Lego Ninjago Movie is shown to take place in an antique store and not in Finn’s basement could mean that there is no timeline. This would make the films connected in name only with the only true sequel to The Lego Movie being The Lego Movie Sequel, which is due to hit theaters on February 8, 2019. There is also the possibility that The Lego Ninjago Movie is the only film not connected, making it a true spin-off. Hopefully, Warner Bros. will give us a definite answer in the coming years.

The Lego Ninjago Movie hits theaters this Friday.




Rick and Morty “Pickle Rick” Review

im-pickle-riiiiickWow, this is the episode of Rick and Morty we have been waiting for. Ever since season 3 started back in April we’ve all been waiting to see “Pickle” Rick on screen. Now that I have seen the episode I can say that it did not disappoint! “Pickle Rick” shows us the Smith family, minus Jerry, going to therapy to find out the root of all of their issues. Rick gets out of the session by turning himself into a pickle. He set it up so that he could change back into a human as soon as the family left, but of course his plan is changed when Beth takes his serum with her to the therapy session. “Pickle Rick” was an overall great episode filled with action and comedy. Once again Rick proves how intelligent he is by surviving the day as an immobile pickle. While it is not explicitly stated, we are also enlightened to the fact that Rick needs adventure like its a drug. The writer of the episode, Jessica Gao, doesn’t go into detail exactly how he created all the things he did, but we get enough tidbits so that we can just go along on the adventure with him. We also get to learn more about Rick and Beth’s psyche through their interactions with their therapist and each other. This episode contains one of the few times we hear Rick praying to God to save his life. Yet, in the after credits stinger — which is a must watch — he once again goes back on his belief. This is a very interesting aspect of Rick’s character, as we really don’t know what he truly believes in. We are also reminded how little Rick cares about Beth, since he has infinite Beths to choose from. This ties back to Rick telling Morty in “Rickmancing the Stone” about how they have infinite Summers to choose from. This means technically everyone has infinite relatives in different dimensions. A fact that Rick accidentally let slip to his new friend Jaguar, who is voiced by the ever so cool Danny Trejo, and immediately retracted. Going back to Beth, we see how her relationship with her Rick affects her and her children. She knows that Rick doesn’t actually need her in his life, but hungers so much for his approval and respect. This clearly stems from him not being apart of her childhood. This may actually be true for every Beth in every timeline/dimension. She clearly needs therapy, but my not continue going. Morty and Summer understand this fact, but can’t do anything to change it. I give “Pickle Rick” a Superb 5/5. This episode was funny from start to finish. Clearly mimicking action movies such as Die Hard and Rambo.